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Kim Randall-Stevens

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31 July 2018

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Accessing the world of fine art is a dream for many - little wonder when considering some of the sales that have been made this year alone.

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Many paintings are now being sold at auction for hundreds of millions. One of the latest is Modigliani’s Nu Couché (Sur le Côté Gauche), a 1917 oil painting that was sold at Sotheby’s New York auction house mid-May for an incredible $157.2 million USD.

Over at Christie’s and Phillip’s in Hong Kong at the end of May, works from Chinese-French Modern master Zao Wou-Ki dominated the auction scene. At an evening at Christie’s alone, Zao’s work 14.12.59 made HK$176.7m ($22.6m USD), representing the third highest price for the artist at auction.

For millions who want to join the world of fine art investment, taking part in these auctions is an unrealistic ambition. However, this could potentially no longer be the case – all thanks to blockchain technology.

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Blockchain makes it possible to participate in fine art ownership

Fine art ownership isn’t only a world for those who can splash the cash. Many also explore the possibilities of an art investment to preserve their wealth and grow it in an alternative market that is less volatile than many others.

There are schools of thought within the industry, though, that the nine-figure sales sum is becoming ever more common. While this may be music to the ears of some investors, and auction houses who make large commissions on items sold, it also serves to underline how closed the art investment market is to so many worldwide.

Very few individuals can compete with investors and art funds with hundreds of millions – even billions – at their disposal to invest in the world’s most famous pieces.

Maecenas goal is to disrupt that market.

Enter the incredible world of art with Maecenas

Disruption can mean a lot of things. From our perspective, we’re building Maecenas to diversify the market and open up a huge new array of options for individuals to have access to art, presenting them with ways to enter this world outside the traditional avenues.

For centuries the art market has stayed relatively unchanged and unchallenged. The Maecenas platform has been built to decentralise and disrupt this, using blockchain technology to offer an alternative to the auction houses and allow investors across the planet to buy shares in some of the world’s most well-known and famous works of art.

Maecenas is designed to create an art market without intermediaries, to make information more accessible to potential investors, to open new avenues of capital generation for galleries and collectors, to reduce overall costs, increase liquidity and – essentially – open the global art market up to everybody.

Find out more about art investment on the Maecenas platform in our downloadable guide.

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Kim Randall-Stevens

Written by Kim Randall-Stevens

Kim Randall-Stevens was born in Hong Kong and grew up residing across the globe in South East Asia, Europe and the United States . She graduated with a masters degree from Inchbald School of Design and went on to manage David Gill Galleries, a leading contemporary art gallery in London before moving back to Asia in 2007 to continue her work in the arts. With her consulting & art advisory partnership, Kim brings a wealth of experience of 18 years in the world of contemporary and fine art. Based in Singapore, Kim works with collectors, advising and acquiring art for private collections and funds. Kim also consults closely with art galleries, artists and art fairs, advising on strategy and development, most recently, working with the Singapore Contemporary Art Show and the Asia Contemporary Art show in Hong Kong managing their exhibitor relations for the entire south east Asia region.

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