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Marcelo García Casil

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8 January 2019

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Happy 2019 everyone! The new year brings a new start and we are marking the occasion with an updated roadmap.

But even as we look ahead, it would be remiss not to review what was an excellent year for Maecenas. We are very proud of everything we managed to accomplish.

We launched our beta platform successfully and accepted 100 beta testers for our inaugural fractionalised blockchain auction of Andy Warhol’s iconic 14 Small Electric Chairs (Reversal Series).

Our token, the ART, has been listed on a number of prominent exchanges and can now be traded on GBX, HitBTCEtherDelta, and EtherShift. We are also aware of other exchanges that are considering listing and bringing further liquidity to ART.

Last month, we also announced the upcoming Picasso auction, in collaboration with, which will be rolled out in conjunction with our beta Tokenomics and new Dutch Auction model — an iterative effort to ensure that both buyers and sellers agree on a fair market value for every artpiece. The Picasso auction, codenamed “Project Phoenix”, is the first of its kind and will result in a “perpetual” digitalisation and tokenisation of a Picasso work of fine art.

The community received Project Phoenix with great fanfare and many industry players reached out to express their interest in participating in this milestone project. This prompted us to expand the project and welcome collaboration with NEM, 0x and MakerDao. As leaders in the crypto space, we are honored by their vote of confidence in Maecenas and their belief in the revolutionary idea of asset tokenisation.

In the coming months, we will also be rolling out something our tech team has been working intensely on over the holiday period — a Fiat Gateway implementation for future auctions.

Once launched, buyers will have the option to place bids directly in accepted fiat currencies (such as USD or EUR) in addition to the cryptocurrencies that are already available on the Maecenas auction platform.

So here is the roadmap that sets our course for what we expect to be a great 2019. Roadmap 2019 (1)

We have a very exciting year ahead of us. Stay updated and follow us on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Article image: Francesco Guardi "The Garden of Palazzo Contarini dal Zaffo" (late 1770s) via the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Marcelo García Casil

Written by Marcelo García Casil

Founder and CEO of Maecenas. Having previously worked at a number of large global banks, Marcelo has wide-ranging experience in designing and building large-scale enterprise-grade systems with a focus on investment banking and financial solutions. An an entrepreneur, Marcelo has specialised in blockchain and financial technology, primarily in areas covering tokenisation of assets and new capital markets. His strong technical architecture and leadership skills have earned him the recognition and endorsement from amongst his clients, teammates and peers. Marcelo frequently speaks and presents at industry events, conducts specialised workshops and training sessions, and provides expert advice to companies.

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