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4 June 2018

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Shares in multimillion-dollar fine art painting to be auctioned, broadening art ownership and developing the global art investment market.

LONDON - Dadiani Syndicate, the first fine art gallery in the UK to accept cryptocurrency payments, and Maecenas Fine Art, a blockchain platform that democratises access to Fine Art, announced a long-term strategic partnership that will enable the use of cryptocurrencies to purchase fractional interests in high-value works of art by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt Van Rijn.

Dadiani Art Gallery located at Mayfair, London

The inaugural joint sale will include a multimillion-dollar artwork that will be available in digitised financial units for investors, collectors, and owners to trade on the Maecenas platform. More details about the auction will be released in June.

Part of the Dadiani Syndicate, Dadiani Fine Art is a fine art gallery (founded in 2014) located in iconic Mayfair, London. The gallery specialises in post-modern and contemporary fine art, as well as 18th and 20th-century European art. The company facilitates trade between a wide network of private and corporate investors.

Eleesa Dadiani, founder of Dadiani Syndicate

“Dadiani Syndicate is proud to partner with Maecenas, our fellow pioneers in bringing new technologies. Together we aim to render the future of fine art investments to global reach. The cryptocurrency will broaden the market, bringing a new type of buyer to art and luxury."
Eleesa Dadiani, founder of Dadiani Syndicate

Dadiani and Maecenas share a mission to globalise and bring greater transparency to the traditional model for buying and selling fine art. Both companies believe that by enabling the purchase and sale of works of art on the blockchain and using cryptocurrency, they can help create new opportunities for art ownership to broaden and deepen the global art market.

Maecenas Online Trading Platform - the first blockchain platform for investment in Fine Art.

 The partnership, which will also see the creation of the world’s first tokenised, blockchain-based art fund, has come about as Dadiani and Maecenas work to both globalise and bring greater transparency to the traditional art investment model.

The auction, which is the first of its kind, will let people purchase precious art pieces with digital money and let the buyers own fractions of high-end artworks. This throws open the art market to a new class of investors who will now be able to chip in to share the ownership in a multimillion-dollar painting. 

Marcelo Garcia Casil, co-founder and CEO of Maecenas

“Our partnership with Dadiani is an important step in developing a unique new financial structure that significantly enhances the art market which has remained otherwise largely unchanged for hundreds of years. With our respective areas of expertise in art, finance, and technology, our partnership with Dadiani Syndicate creates an ambitious synergy of innovative minds committed to bringing the antiquated art investment market into the 21st Century.”
Marcelo Garcia Casil, co-founder and CEO of Maecenas.

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About Dadiani Fine Art

Dadiani Fine Art, under the umbrella of Dadiani Syndicate, is a fine art gallery founded in 2014 located at iconic 30 Cork Street, Mayfair, London. Dadiani Fine Art specialises in post-modern and contemporary fine art, as well as 18th and 20th-century European art. In 2017, Dadiani Fine Art became the first ever gallery to begin accepting multiple cryptocurrencies as payment for works of art.

Dadiani Syndicate is a special purpose company, pioneering in cross-border trade. The company facilitates trade between a wide network of private and corporate investors.


About Maecenas

Maecenas is an art investment platform enabling fractional ownership of artworks. Maecenas leverages blockchain technology to create tamper-proof verifiable provenance and to enable real-time digital settlement of transactions.

Maecenas lets buyers and sellers of art create and manage their own liquid fine art portfolios. Through its platform, art galleries and art collectors can evaluate the value of their existing artworks.

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