Fine Art Blockchain Auction (Beta Launch) : Andy Warhol's 14 Small Electric Chairs, Reversal Series (1980)


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Marcelo García Casil

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Thursday, Jun 4

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Want a chance to participate in the first-ever blockchain art auction? Find out below to to register as a beta tester on the Maecenas platform and take part in our auction of Andy Warhol's 14 Small Electric Chairs Reversal Series, listed by Dadiani Syndicate.

Auction start date: 25 July 2018

Infograhic - Maecenas Beta Launch

For more information on the Maecenas platform, download our briefing documents.

Download our Briefing Documents >

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Marcelo García Casil

Written by Marcelo García Casil

Founder and CEO of Maecenas. Having previously worked at a number of large global banks, Marcelo has wide-ranging experience in designing and building large-scale enterprise-grade systems with a focus on investment banking and financial solutions. An an entrepreneur, Marcelo has specialised in blockchain and financial technology, primarily in areas covering tokenisation of assets and new capital markets. His strong technical architecture and leadership skills have earned him the recognition and endorsement from amongst his clients, teammates and peers. Marcelo frequently speaks and presents at industry events, conducts specialised workshops and training sessions, and provides expert advice to companies.

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