Kim Randall-Stevens

Kim Randall-Stevens
Kim Randall-Stevens was born in Hong Kong and grew up residing across the globe in South East Asia, Europe and the United States . She graduated with a masters degree from Inchbald School of Design and went on to manage David Gill Galleries, a leading contemporary art gallery in London before moving back to Asia in 2007 to continue her work in the arts. With her consulting & art advisory partnership, Kim brings a wealth of experience of 18 years in the world of contemporary and fine art. Based in Singapore, Kim works with collectors, advising and acquiring art for private collections and funds. Kim also consults closely with art galleries, artists and art fairs, advising on strategy and development, most recently, working with the Singapore Contemporary Art Show and the Asia Contemporary Art show in Hong Kong managing their exhibitor relations for the entire south east Asia region.
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Art Tokenisation Was a Hot Topic at Art Basel Miami

By Kim Randall-Stevens

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Blockchain, Art Investment

The Likely Effect of Tokenisation on Art Markets

 Maecenas was founded on the simple premise that fine art as an asset class should be accessible to ordinary people.  The fact that it is not is a quirk of history. Nobody is shocked by retail investors buying gold ETFs or shares in a REIT.

12 March 2019 By Marc Garriga

Blockchain, Art Investment

Modernising Modern Art Investment


Investing in fine art is not a new concept, although this channel has been monopolized by only the wealthiest individuals, collectors, and galleries. A few works of art have recently traded above €100 million providing the sellers and auction houses with very substantial gains.

5 March 2019 By Marc Garriga

Art Investment, Alternative Investment

Diversify Your Portfolio with Art Investments

As current political and economic news reverberates around the world, uncertainty is breeding insecurity among investors. Equity markets are see-sawing while currencies and commodities are continually fighting for equilibrium.

26 February 2019 By Eduardo Sarian

Art Investment

Tokenised Art as Part of a Diversified Portfolio

It is a core credo of Maecenas that art - although created and appreciated for its beauty and its ability to convey questions and truths beyond the capability of words - should be thought of primarily as an asset class.

19 February 2019 By Marcelo García Casil

Art Investment

Team introduction: Eduardo Sarian, CFO of Maecenas

Maecenas is backed by an outstanding team that brings expertise from many different areas to build a truly unique and groundbreaking platform. Today we introduce a key member of the Maecenas leadership team: Chief Financial Officer Eduardo Sarian.

12 February 2019 By Marcelo García Casil

Art Investment

Collecting Fine Art - First Steps

Some of us start with stamps, others with coins. Regardless of the actual object or artwork, the urge to collect is common in all of us, but turning a childhood hobby into professional collecting takes desire, determination and dedication.

6 February 2019 By Bálint Ferenczy

Art Investment

Strong Fundamentals Are Key to Growth in Crypto Projects

The past 18 months have been a time of extremes for blockchain businesses and crypto tokens. From the euphoria of late 2017 to the “crypto winter” of late 2018, the industry has ridden ups and downs that have left many outside observers wondering what to make of the space.

30 January 2019 By Marc Garriga

Art Investment, Alternative Investment

Art Tokenisation Was a Hot Topic at Art Basel Miami

There are few events that command the attention and set the tone of the fine art world like Art Basel. Now, blockchain technology has begun to turn heads among the the event’s attendees, many of whom are counted among the leaders of the space.

28 January 2019 By Kim Randall-Stevens

Art Investment

How art investment compares to other alternative investments

Looking to make an alternative investment?

21 January 2019 By Juan Dominguez

Company updates

Maecenas Roadmap 2019

Happy 2019 everyone! The new year brings a new start and we are marking the occasion with an updated roadmap.

8 January 2019 By Marcelo García Casil

ART Token

Where can you buy ART tokens?

In a blog post last year, Maecenas’ Co-Founder & CEO, Marcelo Garcia Casil, said: “If Maecenas were an economy, then ART would be its currency.”

7 January 2019 By Marc Garriga

Art Investment, Auctions

Five Notable Art Sales of 2018

 A decade ago, art, data, and technology were like different planets, each with their own cultural biomes. The evolution of blockchain technology has merged them into a single world. The Alan Turing Institute and The University of Oxford have embraced blockchain-based ledgers to overcome fraud, tax evasion, and illicit business practices. 

17 December 2018 By Marc Garriga

Auctions, Company updates

Maecenas integrates NEM, 0x and MakerDao for Tokenised Picasso Auction

Major blockchain protocols to collaborate on Project Phoenix after launch with Ethershift and John McAfee

13 December 2018 By Marc Garriga

Art Investment

How an artist moves from primary to secondary market - The case of Adrien Ghenie

Moving into the secondary from the primary market is typically key to an artist’s commercial success and can often mean the difference between scraping by and international fame and fortune.

6 December 2018 By Bálint Ferenczy

Art Investment

How to start investing in art

Art is a popular alternative investment opportunity, but how do you get in on the ground floor?

3 December 2018 By Juan Dominguez