Bálint Ferenczy

Bálint Ferenczy
Bálint has an MA degree in History of Photography from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, as well as a degree in Art History and Arts & Cultural Management studied in both Hungary and the USA. The primary and secondary market experience he gained working at Sotheby’s Auction House, several galleries and while on the curatorial board of the József Pécsi Photography Grant, fills him with confidence to advise collectors about what their collections strategically need. Bálint is a guest lecturer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (Budapest) and a regular consultant and researcher at Műértő – The Hungarian Art Newspaper focusing on the Central and Eastern European region. From 2017 he sits on the board of the Studio of Young Photographers, Hungary and was a jury member of Capa Center’s 2018 Portfolio Review. Bálint is currently completing a Ph.D. programme in Business Administration at the István Széchenyi University, researching public art funding models.
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How an artist moves from primary to secondary market - The case of Adrien Ghenie

By Bálint Ferenczy

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Art Investment

How to start investing in art

Art is a popular alternative investment opportunity, but how do you get in on the ground floor?

3 December 2018 By Juan Dominguez

Company updates

AMA Recap: Maecenas CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil Talks ART, Picasso, and More

On Wednesday, 21 November, Maecenas’ co-founder and CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil spent nearly two hours answering questions posed by members of our community. Topics ranged from our newly-proposed Token Economics, the upcoming auction of a Picasso, and the ART token listing on Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX-DAX). In case you were not able to participate in the AMA itself, we have prepared a summary of its key themes and takeaways.

29 November 2018 By Mayank Jain

Company updates

Blockchain Art Chipping – Still a Work In Progress

Buying and selling artworks online has revolutionised the way the art market works. However, when deciding to buy an artwork, whether in the form of tokenized shares, or in the traditional way of collecting the physical artwork, trust remains a vital component. The 2018 annual Hiscox report found more than 50% of collectors were held back from buying works of art online due to the fear of buying a fake.

23 November 2018 By Bálint Ferenczy

Company updates

Maecenas CEO named FinTech Champion

We are proud to share the news that our very own CEO, Marcelo Garcia Casil, has been selected as a FinTech Champion by Lightbulb Capital in a survey as part of the Singapore Fintech Festival.

21 November 2018 By Marc Garriga

Art Investment

How to navigate the liquidity risk of alternative investments

When it comes to the alternative investment landscape, it can be wise to treat it like any other investment opportunity.

19 November 2018 By Juan Dominguez

Company updates

Picasso to be Tokenized on the Maecenas Platform

Blockchain-based art investment platform Maecenas has teamed up with crypto exchange Ethershift.co and computer security expert John McAfee to conduct the first “perpetual” digitalization and tokenization of a Picasso work of fine art.

13 November 2018 By Marcelo García Casil

Company updates

Maecenas - Token Economics 2.0

Since our token sale in September 2017, our token economic model was focused on a pure utility token concept in which ARTs were used for placing bids during art Dutch auctions, as well as a payment mechanism that provided fee discounts to investors.

12 November 2018 By Marcelo García Casil

Company updates

Maecenas CEO, Marcelo Garcia Casil in EthFinex - Ask Me Anything (AMA)

On Thursday, 8 November, Maecenas Founder and CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil was invited to a Telegram “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session with the Ethfinex community. Community members posed a raft of interesting questions and the conversation lasted for nearly an hour.

12 November 2018 By Marc Garriga

Company updates

Maecenas’ ART Token To Be Listed on Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Maecenas and its token ART, which powers its decentralised art gallery auction market, will be listed on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX), via the leading Sponsor Firm Lightbulb Capital in Asia. Singapore-based Lightbulb Capital is a Corporate Finance boutique with focus on FinTech and Blockchain.

7 November 2018 By Marcelo García Casil

Art Investment

5 factors to consider before choosing art as an alternative investment

So, you have decided you want to purchase a piece of art as an alternative investment opportunity.

5 November 2018 By Marcelo García Casil

Maecenas updates

Scaling up Maecenas - Financial Product & Regulation (Part 3)


30 October 2018 By Marcelo García Casil

Maecenas updates

Scaling up Maecenas - Technology (Part 2)


This is the second part of the “Scaling Maecenas” series. You can read Part 1 here. 

23 October 2018 By Marcelo García Casil

Art Investment

Why art investment makes sense for portfolio diversification

Alternative investments like art are one of the first places many investors put their money in times of economic uncertainty.

22 October 2018 By Juan Dominguez

Art Investment

Is art investment right for you?

Art as an alternative investment is soaring in popularity.

8 October 2018 By Kim Randall-Stevens

Maecenas updates

Scaling up Maecenas - Communications (Part 1)

4 October 2018 By Marcelo García Casil